Innovative – Agile – Dedicated

Turning Ideas into Action in Days!

Imagine a five-day journey where you design, build, and test key components of your data governance program. This is what our Data Governance Design Sprint is all about. It’s a hands-on experience that uses a proven and repeatable approach, validating your data governance ideas within your organization in days, not months.

These ideas can include onboarding data stewards, testing an operating model, validating a data issue escalation process, drafting a data quality dashboard, testing adoption for a data dictionary, and more. This iterative approach helps you make tangible progress in no time, while keeping momentum and morale high.

Over the course of the Data Governance Design Sprint, your team will dig deep into the data governance challenge, create actionable target concepts for all your foundational DG capabilities, make the best idea(s) tangible with a realistic prototype, and test that prototype within your organization. On the final day of each Design Sprint, we make sense of your internal stakeholders’ feedback and help you develop clear, actionable next steps for refining your data governance program or components. All within weeks, while avoiding the months and millions most data governance launches take to achieve the same (or lesser) results.

Fast Track to Success

Forget about the lengthy timelines and high costs associated with traditional data governance launches. Our Design Sprints produce tangible results in a short amount of time.

Customized Solution

No matter the size or scope of your organization, this service is designed to be adaptable and tailored to your specific data governance challenges and goals.

Start Right

Validate your data governance ideas swiftly and efficiently and ensure you’re on the right path from the start. The goal? To avoid costly investments in untested concepts.

Get Clarity and Momentum

The powerful insights you’ll gain from your internal stakeholders through the sprint will bring the path that your team should take into sharp focus.

Innovative – Agile – Dedicated

Establish Data Governance In Days Instead of Months!

Our mission is to inspire, guide, and empower organizations to recognize and leverage the transformative power of effective data governance. We are committed to delivering practical, results-driven solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

  • Data Governance Strategy Sprint: Start Strategic Doing

  • Data Governance Design Sprint: Gain Insight & Make it Tangible

  • Data Governance Full Sprint: From Strategy to Execution