Innovative – Agile – Dedicated

Elevate Your Data Governance to Next Levels!

Join the Data Governance Mastermind—a 12-month intensive journey tailored for data leaders like you, who are tasked with maximizing data excellence. This unique program combines a personalized plan, strategic as well as pragmatic coaching, and a vibrant community to empower data leaders to excel in managing complex data landscapes.

Who Should Join?

Are you a Chief Data Officer (CDO), Data Governance manager, or a senior data professional committed to advancing your organization’s data governance capabilities? Our mastermind is designed for data leaders like you who are tasked with overseeing complex data environments and are looking to drive strategic and operational excellence in data governance. Our mastermind addresses critical questions and challenges in the field of data governance, including:

➡️ Where can I find actionable guidance to effectively implement my data governance strategy?
➡️ What are the best practices for managing and maximizing the value of my data assets?
➡️ Why is my data governance program struggling to launch and gain adoption?
➡️ Who else has faced similar challenges in data governance and can offer advice on overcoming them?
➡️ How can I ensure that my data governance strategy is consistently aligned with my business objectives?

Program Features:

Personalized Plan

Kick off with an onboarding session to customize your year-long mastermind journey.

Onsite Advisory Visit

Receive a two-day onsite visit from Mathias Vercauteren, offering bespoke advisory services and hands-on support.

Quarterly Events

Participate in exclusive events including guest speakers, roundtables, community presentations, and seminars.

Event recordings

All events are recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing them.

Essentials Toolkit

Gain access to essential tools and templates that streamline your data governance processes.

Exclusive Community

Engage with other leaders on Skool, our dedicated platform for networking and collaboration.

Expert Coaching

Weekly two-hour Zoom Q&A sessions with top data governance experts to directly address your queries and challenges.

Accountability & Support

Quarterly check-ins to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals. And enjoy 24/7 access to support through community interactions or direct email/chat/calls with your data expert.

Innovative – Agile – Dedicated

Why Join the Data Governance Mastermind

By joining our mastermind, you become part of an elite group where data governance expertise, strategic execution, and best practices converge. This program goes beyond traditional courses by emphasizing practical application and collaborative problem-solving among seasoned professionals.

Unbiased Collaboration

Share and receive unbiased, actionable strategies that enhance both your professional and personal growth.

Customized Feedback

Receive tailored feedback on your data governance initiatives and projects from experienced professionals and peers within the mastermind group.

Practical, Real-World Learning

Tackle real-life data governance challenges with solutions from current experts and practitioners.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Expand your professional network globally, connecting with peers and leaders across various industries.

Innovative – Agile – Dedicated

Establish Data Governance In Days Instead of Months!

Our mission is to inspire, guide, and empower organizations to recognize and leverage the transformative power of effective data governance. We are committed to delivering practical, results-driven solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

  • Data Governance Strategy Sprint: Start Strategic Doing

  • Data Governance Design Sprint: Gain Insight & Make it Tangible

  • Data Governance Full Sprint: From Strategy to Execution